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Our Web skills include, but are not limited to:
  • SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL
  • Flash and Swish Designs and animations
  • Miva Merchant Store Fronts
  • Content Development
  • Graphic Design



We Keep in Mind These Lessons
for Creating A Web Site

We understand that small business as well as large needs to get a huge bang from every marketing dollar they spend. We pride ourselves on flexibility, creativity and the ability to always deliver more than was expected in a reasonable amount of time. We think that's what a service business is all about. If you need to get the edge on your competition, and do it in a way that is exciting, memorable and with impact, Shapeera Design is your company.

easy Navigation - Make it so easy the visitors don't have to think

esign Balance - Graphics and content should be balanced for an eye catching, tasteful and fast loading presentation.

se of Multimedia - If is doesn't serve a purpose and slows the page loading, don't do it.

What Can We Do For Your Company

The internet is a rapidly growing source of information for consumers. It's an on-line 24/7 brochure readily available to a majority of American Families without the cost of printing and delivery. Prospective customers can contact you at their convenience using e-mail or forms. The internet is one of the least expensive, yet most used form of advertising available in today's global market.


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